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K & S

Shipping, Lowest Price Guarantee, Refund, Export, Terms

PURCHASES AND PAYMENTS:  Please click on the 'How to Buy' button.
You may use any of the three options on the 'How to Buy' page which include Shipping and Handling costs for delivery within the United States. All purchases must be paid for in advance of shipping. 

SHIPPING COSTS FOR DOMESTIC SALES: We usually ship USPS Library rate within the United States. Unless requested by the purchaser we do not insure shipments.  If a purchaser requires expedited delivery, please contact us by email and we can arrange FedEx or UPS shipments. For purchases of more than 8 volumes in a single transaction contact us.

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE.  In the event that another internet seller offers a printed title also offered by K & S, at a price lower than the K & S web site price, we wiil match the lower price under the following conditions: the Purchaser must inform us of the price and complete terms and condtions of the lower price offer in writing or by email, and submit the price including shipping and handling using Option Three on the "How To Buy" page.  We may take up to twenty-four hours to verify the offer price and accept or return the payment. Shipment will originate in Salem, Oregon and does not include print on demand sales.

 REFUND POLICY: For sales within the United States our refund policy is a 100% refund of the purchase price upon receipt of an undamaged book or books togther with a copy of the original invoice, shipped to us within 7 days of delivery to the purchaser. No refund will be given for shipping costs to or from the purchaser. It is the carrier's reponsibility in the event that a book is damaged in transit.  Our refund policy does not apply to export sales.

EXPORT SALES. Contact us about the shipping and handling costs of export quantities  The least expensive way to ship outside the United States for one order of one or more volumes in the same transaction is by USPO flat rate envelope or box (depending on the number of books ordered) including shipping and handling.  When an export shipment is delivered to the carrier we will provide the date, carrier name  and a reference number by email to the purchaser.  Due to increased scrutiny by customs officials both in the United States and elsewhere we cannot accurately estimate the delivery time to a purchaser in another country.




To reach us by email::

To reach us by U.S. mail: K & S Sales, Box 13048, Salem, Oregon 97309

Office and Warehouse:

4110 Hudson Ave. N. E., Ste. D, Salem, Oregon, 97301

Or by phone: 503 510 6296