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  Arrows Against Steel, the History of the Bow
and How it Forever Changed Warfare
by Vic Hurley

The deadly battle weapon that launched missile warfare.

Vic Hurley, adventurer, author, and military historian and strategist, distilled his forty years of extensive research and his theories of war and battle into this one modest book.  It contains all you  need to know about the origin and development of missle warfare and its lethal consequences, from ancient to modern times.  Although the book is about the bow and arrrow in all its manifestations, the book is really about war - small battles and world-wide conflicts. And it is about unexpected victories and inexplicable defeats.

The massed forces of mounted bowmen from the far and mid-east in the Middle Ages were the pattern for the mounted cavalry of the Age Of Enlightenment and the motorized cavalry of today.  More importantly, however, the bow became a remote mechanical and usually explosive launching device and arrows became the bullets and shells.  In its current form the remote launching device may also be airborne either directly or remotely guided, and the arrows are usually rockets or bombs with enormously destructive power.

Hurley divides his book  into five parts: Introduction to the Weapon; Theories of War; Preliminaries to Mounted War; Testing The Theories of War; and The Impact of the Bow on Military Tactics.  He uses exciting historic events and battles to demonstrate his ideas, and his gifted prose to make them come alive.   



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