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Red Epaulets



Edited by Suzanne J. Hurley-Kersh




    Red Epaulets   (2013) supplements author Vic Hurley's other republished Philippine works: Swish of the Kris, the Story of the Moros, Authorized and Enhanced Edition (2010), and Jungle Patrol, the Story of the Philippine Constabulary 1901 - 1936) (2011).









INTRODUCTION - Vic Hurley – A Niece's Personal Narrative. Vic Hurley, the author and adventurer, was a larger-than-life figure to his niece.  In this brief article she describes her subsequent rediscovery of his work and his history.
THE PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY - A colorful first person narrative by an unidentified officer on Constabulary duty at a remote edge of the jungle, after the Spanish-American War. (1911)
THE SULU MOROS A detailed assessment of the personalities, customs, and behaviors of the Islamic Filipinos, their Sultan, and the tropic environment, with emphasis on the suicidal practices of amok and juramentado, as observed by an American Constabulary officer shortly after the occupation of the Philippines by American forces. (1913)
WITH THE SULU CONSTABULARY ON THE LATEST FRONTIER OF THE UNITED STATES – Both the routine and the exciting challenges facing the nascent Philippine national police, the Philippine Constabulary, its foreign officers and its native recruits as they try to bring peace and order to the jungle - as observed by a young officer. (1913)
RED EPAULETS IN THE SUNLIGHT - The forgotten men of American military history are the white officers of the Philippine Constabulary who fought under completely new concepts of battle,  Vic Hurley describes the genius and subsequent history of some of these officers. (1956)